“DON”- -The hill station-The divine creation of the almighty

Sujit Jumping

“When there is beauty and purity in the surroundings ,the soul takes a giant leap”-

Ever heard of this line before?Yes or No? I know it is a “No”.Because these are my feelings  put into words in their crude form,when I was left awestruck by the shear magnanimity and beauty of the place called DON.

“DON” a place filled with huge yet beautiful mountains,plateaus surrounded by lush greenery everywhere.In short it is “Heaven” on earth and you have to see it to believe it.

I come to know about this beautiful place ,which claims to be the tough competitor of “Saputara”(existing hill station of Gujarat),though a conversation of my wife Puja with my neighbours.Then the obvious thing ..Google the term “DON”.To my dismay there were only two three links and none of them provided any detailed account of the beauty of the place apart from some dry statistical data.After visiting the place I concluded that there are many such things in this world ,that are beyond the capability of the search engine .Then I  decided to prepare a travelogue describing my experience and make it available for people who will search regarding this over internet.

And here we go…..Scenic-Don-title

“DON” – as seen from the road

It was almost a 100 KMs. journey from my residence at” Ukai” to” Don”.Having visited” Saputara”(famous hill station of Gujarat) ,there was not much excitement or thrill in our minds  .It was planned as a regular escape from our busy professional lives.Who knew at that point something magnanimous,beautiful,serene and pure is  waiting out there to enthral us  and leave us completely spellbound for rest of our lives !At least I did not know this.

Driving Along-TThe journey was planned through the “Songadh-Mahal-Ahwa” route .All of these places were known to us during our earlier visits to Mahal-eco tourism camp  ,Saputara ,Shabaridham,Ghera Dhodh waterfalls(All these places are worth paying a visit).There was not much thrill expected apart from driving my own car through the hilly terrains.And as soon as we  neared “Mahal” we proved wrong.there was this cute little “Indian Chameleon”(Chamaeleo Zeylanicus) walking slowly on the bitumen road protecting itself form the vehicles passing on the road.I wasted no time to take few snaps of it and then move on towards our destination.

Chamelion-T“Indian Chameleon”(Chamaeleo Zeylanicus)

 Duck-Papa-Jharana-T“My daughter and Me” at  a small spring en-route “Mahal – Ahwa”

We regularly took small breaks in-between where we wanted to take some snaps.Following are some snap shots before entering the periphery of Don village.

gaadi“My car had a good portfolio shoot on the way”


Guddi-Chheli-T“My wife with the herd of Goats on our way to Don”

Up to the point of “Mahal-Chinchli-Saputara” junction it was a known route and a journey that was previously anticipated to some extent.Then at the junction with the guidance of some local people we followed the route of “Chinchli-Gadad”.As per the mile stone Chinchli village was around 25Kms. and we have to cross it and move towards the village named “Gadad”.It would be a right turn from the check gate and 7 Km. more and we would reach our destination.

And the real magic begins from here as the “Journey was as beautiful as the destination”

As we approached in the guided route we noticed a clean and traffic free  road although not in completely good condition.After some 5-6 Kms. we could notice that there were many colorful patches on both the sides of the road.Yellow,Green,Bronze.When we moved further the fields filled with paddy , niger flowers were creating that magical colourful illusion to us.And the barren lands filled with long dry grass created the bronze coloured patch in the remaining areas.And all of them were dancing to the tune of the breeze blowing though them creating a well orchestrated symphony that could be easily felt in the absence of any kind of pollution be it “Air” or be it “Noise”.

bikers on the road-t

“The road that leads you the destination”

We could not help but stop at that place and take a few snaps of the beauty that was scattered there by mother nature.

Alasi-Jhia-t“Niger Crops”



“My wife and daughter in the niger crops field”

Duckrunning-Alasi“My daughter flying with happiness”

Duck-Alasi          “Enjoying the beauty”         IMG_3041

“The People of Don”

 The innocence and the purity transcends from the nature to the nature of the people staying around the place.These qualities are clearly visible from their “Eyes”-which brightens immediately when they see you  and “Smiles”-which broaden with your interaction with them.Even my three year old daughter could feel that as she called two village girls to come to her and have a photograph with them.

duck with two girls-T“My daughter Kavika with her newly made friends”

duck with two girls-2Village Boys-TThese group of boys were returning from their school when our camera made them curious and we stopped them to have some snaps.We clicked some snaps and shown them and there were pure smiles everywhereGud-Kids

After moving more towards our destination we noticed the plateaus and majestic mountains  which constitute the hill station.The scenic beauty of the mountains,tall trees and the paddy fields,Niger fields were at par with any European destinations of the world.You have to see it to believe it.For a “not-so-temple going” man God can be found in his purest form in these types of places.My hands automatically folded for a prayer to the almighty for this wonderful creation.

Brahma Vishnu Maheswar Mountain-t-“Majestic Mountains”

Scenic-Don-T“Don hill station as seen from the road”

Car-3-t“My car in the picturesque landscape of Don village”

Scenic Don-3“Light breeze blowing through the paddy field making the plants dancing to the tunes”

Scenic-Don-2-t“The Valley”

Duck-GUddi-Pahada-Kiss“My wife and daughter in the beautiful landscape of Don”

Duck-Guddi-CarMy happy Wife and Daughter-Happy souls in the valley

“The final leg of the Journey”

Hill road-t

As the evening was approaching  and we were running short of time we were forced to leave the valley and started the final leg of our journey.Car started toiling hard to carry us to the destination as the climb was comparative steep.Driving carefully we reached at the top.As the quantity if visitors are comparatively less as expected at a hill station the virginity of the place has remained untarnished up-to a large extent.The view of the valley from the top was serene.The wind was blowing with gusting and the music of the wind was really filling the mind-soul with a divine feeling which is beyond the realm of explanation through mere words.

Trough the windshield-t-“The view of the plateau trough the wind-shield of our car”

guddi lost “Loosing one’s self in the serenity of the hill station”Guddi on Don “View from the Top”Guddi on Don-2

DON the paradise-1-T“Beauty of the hill station enhanced during the sunset”

If you have the heart to appreciate the serenity go and you will be completely satisfied with the beauty.If you feel that god does not reside inside the temples only ; then this place for you.Come here and feel the presence of the almighty in every nook and corner of this heaven.

Come here to breath the purity and divinity.Come here with all the amenities if you want to have some food as no other options are available apart from packaged foods like wafers and snacks.

And before leaving the place collect all the garbage you have littered at that place to maintain the purity and beauty of the place.

 Come and loose all your worries ,tensions and loose your “Self ” to the divinity of this serene abode, of the creator,  named …….   “DON”